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Carpet Cleaning Advice For Tenants
13Mar 2014
Carpet Cleaning Advice For Tenants

Tenants often rent homes which already have carpets fitted and paid for by the landlord. These carpets should be cared for by the tenant and it may be a requirement within the tenancy agreement to ensure that they are.

By not keeping up the standard of cleanliness, of the carpet (which may or may not have been knew when you moved into the property) could result in a deduction of the deposit you initially paid at the start, or the landlord may ask you to replace that carpet before you leave to guarantee a full return.

Here are some very important carpet cleaning tips for tenants, follow this advice to avoid getting caught out at the end of your tenancy!

1.    Rugs are life-savers

People buy rugs for many different reasons, some like to use them as room features which add colour and style others may use them for added warmth and many buy rugs to save the carpet underneath because the bottom line is, it’s cheaper to replace a rug but not so much to replace a whole carpet.

Tenants are advised to Invest in a few rugs (these do not have to be expensive) and place them around the home, particularly concentrated at high traffic points around the room. Common areas are usually by the doors and around seating areas. Hall runners are great for saving hall carpet from dirty feet especially for hall ways which lead from the front entrance.

2.    Mop up spills ASAP

Accidents will happen from time to time; it’s inevitable and you cannot avoid it. Instead of leaving spillages to soak into the carpet (which may lead to deep in-ground staining) try to tackle the situation as soon as it happens and that way you could save yourself a hard job later on.

3.    Cleaning steps

A)    Soak up the moisture straight away and try to remove all excess fluid before scrubbing the stain, use a simple kitchen towel to do this.

B)    Use an abrasive tool but nothing too harsh as you do not want to damage the pile, a smooth bristle brush or a sponge scouring pad may be suitable. When scrubbing the carpet stain use circular motions to try to lift it from beneath. Keep the area small and try not smothering the stain onto the good areas of the carpet.

C)    Use a carpet cleaning solution such as a foam spray or if you do not have on at hand, try simple soap powder as anything is better than nothing.

D)    For larger areas or for cleaning a whole room, look out for specialist carpet cleaning solutions and devices as these are more effective.

E)    For eco-friendly cleaning that uses no chemicals try a steam cleaner or think about hiring a domestic cleaning company which specialises in steam cleaning, this has major health benefits to anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies and it’s also very good for those who want the job done, fast and want the carpet to dry out quickly too.

F)    If you decide to clean the carpet yourself, start at the furthest point in the room and work across the room, section by section until you reach the door so that you can exit the room without having to step onto your hard work.

G)    Allow a freshly cleaned carpet to thoroughly dry put before you step onto it, two hours should be enough depending on how wet the carpet maybe and how the current climate is.

H)    Don’t be disheartened if the end result is not what you expected it to be as freshly cleaned carpets will not look there absolute best until completely dry.