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Cleaning Tips For Common Household Problems
05Nov 2014
Cleaning Tips For Common Household ProblemsIf you have recently started living by yourself, you are likely to face new challenges in keeping a house of your own, particularly when it comes to cleaning it. Unless you are a Disney princess, there are no woodland creatures that you can call upon to help sort the clutter or clean the gunk. As frustrating and time consuming as it may appear, some of the disasters that you might encounter during house cleaning are actually very easy to tackle. Moreover, not all of them require specific or expensive store-bought cleaning products; you can make effective and safe cleaners from common household items. Here are some easy cleaning tips you might need.1.    Cleaning shower curtainsShower curtains can be easily covered in mildew since they are always moist, plastic curtains are especially difficult to clean as they might disintegrate in the washing machine. To make sure that your plastic curtains and liners are washed carefully but thoroughly, put them in the washing machine with a couple of bath towels and some baking soda and detergent. The towel fibres and baking soda help to scrub the scum away while protecting the plastic from being roughed around. After washing, hang them up to dry.2.    Limescale formationIf the water in your area is particular hard, it will leave scales on the faucets and sinks more easily. If you cannot detach your showerhead, put some white vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it around the mouth of the showerhead. Leave it overnight and rinse it with water the next day. For other areas such as the sink and taps, spray some vinegar solution on a piece of wash cloth or towel and wipe down the surfaces.  Use a tooth pick to clear any debris from the holes so that the water can flow freely.3.    Soap build-upUse a diluted solution of vinegar and water to remove soap spots from glass doors or metal. Alternatively, you could also use shampoo instead but that might leave behind residue if not cleaned properly. Spray the vinegar on the surface, sponge the area until the spots dissolve, then use a squeegee to clean off the residue. You could also use a cloth dampened with cold water to give a final wipe down.4.    Foggy bathroom mirrorsIf you go in to shave after your wife has showered, you are bound to have difficulty in seeing yourself in the bathroom mirror. To prevent your bathroom mirrors from fogging up, apply some shaving cream on the surface, leave it for some time and clean it off with a squeegee. The mirror won’t fog for a few weeks. Alternatively, you could also use a hair dryer turned to its highest setting directed on the mirror to dissolve the fog or open the window and/or turn on the exhaust fan to clear the steam inside. 5.    Grout stainsWhile tiles look elegant on floors, they are sure to lead to build up of dirt in between them on the grout.  An easy and safe way to clean grout is by using oxygen bleach. You could also opt for chlorine bleach but that is bound to cause skin and eye irritation, not to mention, that it affects your breathing. As a much safer option, mix some oxygen bleach with water as per instruction and pour it over the floor. Leave it for ten to twenty minutes for the bleach to work, then scrub it out with a hard bristled tooth brush or grout brush. These simple home cleaning hacks can help you avoid incurring excess expenditure when hiring professional cleaners but give you results that can beat those of even the best cleaning companies.

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