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Essential Advice For After Builders Cleaning
20May 2015
Essential Advice For After Builders Cleaning

If you have building work going on in our house, try to contain the area by sectioning it off from the rest of the house, putting up sheets etc. But even if you do manage to do this, dust always finds a way of travelling to other rooms and coating every possible surface. Depending on the extent of the building work, it’s definitely worth covering furniture, storing away carpets, and putting dust rags or some old sheets underneath doors. This will definitely limit the amount of mess that you’ll have to take care of once the building work has finished. But at the same time, no matter what measures you take to restrict the messy area, it’s still likely that you’ll have to do some major house cleaning. So follow these top tips and tackle the builders cleaning head on.

1.    Go from room to room.
Walk around your house and pick up any large and obvious bits of rubbish. If the mess is particularly bad, leave a bin bag at the doorway of each room so that you can get cleaning quickly and easily.

2.    Your broom should be your first line of attack.
Sweep all the large bits of rubble and plaster into the corner of your room, then scoop up the mess and dispose of it in a bin bag. Make sure that your bin bags are tough and durable because you don’t want them to rip halfway through the process.

3.    Vacuum clean.
It’s well worth giving your entire house a quick vacuum clean to start with. You will have to do this again when you finish the home cleaning process, but if you do some now, when you walk around you won’t be transporting bits of rubbish around the rest of your house. This will definitely make you job easier when you’re doing your final house clean. But make sure that you don’t vacuum up any large bits of rubble or plaster because this could ruin your vacuum cleaner for good. That’s why it’s essential to sweep your rooms first.

4.    It’s up to you how you approach your after builders cleaning.
You could tackle the worst affected areas first and clean from room to room, or you could get started on one job such as dusting and just dust the entire house. It’s completely up to you, but whatever you decide, be prepared to put in the hours!

5.    Dust.
Dust is going to be the hardest thing to get rid of when the builders leave. It cakes every possible surface, including walls and ceilings, which can be difficult to notice. Use an extendable duster to get at those hard to reach areas, on top of cupboards, light fittings etc. When removing dust from your walls use a soft microfiber cloth and dampen it with warm water. Then gently wipe down your walls from top to bottom. Be sure not to wipe too hard, as this may cause your wall paint to chip or fade and will just mean more work for you in the long run.

6.    Put on the radio!
It’s a good idea to put the radio or television on in the background whilst you are cleaning. This will distract you from the rather mundane task at hand and will make the time pass a lot quicker.

7.    Book a cleaning company.
If the mess is particularly bad, it could be worth booking a cleaning agency. Hire a cleaning service and get a professional team to help you and reduce the workload.

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