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Floor Cleaning Across The Home
11Apr 2014
Floor Cleaning Across The HomeWhen you are getting to clean the floors, you may wonder what is the best way to clean a variety of different surfaces. The modern home has a great many different materials in it, and unfortunately you can’t use the same cleaning technique for a carpet as you would a wooden floor, but there are universal cleaners for hard floors, just like there are for all carpets. Unless you have a particularly delicate or rare material cladding your floor, then you will likely benefit from the  following tips and tricks for ensuring that your whole house is cared for as far as the floors are concerned. After all, they are the one part of your home that takes the most constant beating, and therefore deserves a bit of a break! For a start, carpets and hard flooring alike should be vacuumed, to prevent dust and debris from settling. If you have a hard floor in your home, then you would be surprised by how it attracts little bits and pieces, that get underfoot when you are not wearing shoes! If you are constantly vacuuming the floors throughout your home, then you will not have to worry about small stones and other harder bits scratching the floors as you walk across them. It also removes the chance of ‘spider scratches’ as you mop, which are circular scratches that come from having something sharp stuck in the mop as you clean. Scratches like this can remove the seal on a material and allow water in as well, which may mark or warp the flooring out of shape. When you clean carpets, you can use carpet shampoo, but you may find that the residue from the foam gets stuck in the pile, and attracts dirt more quickly. This is obviously the opposite of what you want from a cleaning method, so be sure to check out the professional side of carpet cleaning. You can get carpets dry cleaned or steam cleaned, and both are very effective. Dry cleaning is likely the better of the two, but it will also be the most expensive! If you are keen to have the job done properly, then this is the method for you, and it can wield surprisingly good results! Dirt will collect in your carpet over time, and this leads to a slow and fairly unnoticeable process of fading, which is undone as the carpet is cleaned. Having the carpet cleaned properly can transform a room completely, which is a wonderful thing if the room was feeling a little tired. With carpets and hard floors alike, you need to be sure that the chemicals that you are using are appropriate for the materials that you are cleaning. This essentially means that you need to avoid the acid or alkali balance in the product being too harsh for the surface, which is not so much of a problem for soft flooring, unless it is silk based or woolen. If the hard floor is made from wood or have a nice finish on it, then you need to be sure to use PH neutral cleaning products, which are easy to find. In fact, the most easily accessible PH neutral cleaning product that can be found in the home is washing up liquid! A few squirts of the washing up liquid in the mop bucket and you will be good to go, as long as you have hoovered just before of course...

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