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Home Kitchen Cleaning Tips
02Sep 2014
Home Kitchen Cleaning TipsWhen you are looking at getting your domestic cleaning done, one of the main areas of difficulty will be the kitchen cleaning. Alongside the bathroom, the kitchen represents a problem in the fact that its general use is messy by default. The sitting room is a apace where very little actually goes on, and for that reason a dust and a vacuum every now and again will usually be enough. With the kitchen however, there are many more different types of house cleaning that need to be done, and that can mean that you are left with issues surrounding the amount of cleaning that needs to be done, especially if it left for a time when you are actively doing the house cleaning, rather than sorting out whilst doing other things. You will find that upping the amount of care that you take in the kitchen’s appearance whilst you are doing things in there will reduce the amount of work that you actually have to do whilst cleaning the rest of the house. For instance, cleaning a pan up right after you have used it, rather than letting it sit and dry up, or wiping the surface off straight away, rather than leaving it for later. These things will mean that the dirt does not have the chance to build up, and you will be much better placed to ensure that the kitchen is cleaned thoroughly and easily. As a part of your domestic cleaning routine, the kitchen should be checked over daily, to ensure that the standards of food preparation hygiene are as they should be in your home. Whilst protecting your family against germs is a big part of cleaning, you should also be aware that sometimes, the more powerful cleaning materials, like bleach and peroxide, can be more dangerous for humans than the dirt that they are getting rid of! You should be sure to use natural cleaners like lemon and vinegar, as well as PH neutral sprays and fluids, to ensure that there is nothing too harsh in the home in general, and especially in places where the chemicals may be transferred to your food! Whilst the surfaces that you work on will regularly be wiped down and disinfected, there are areas that are rather more often ignored, as they can be less evident to the eye upon walking in to the room. Places like the cupboards, and the tops of higher shelves can often be neglected, as can the inside of the fridge, oven and microwave. Paying specific attention to these areas every couple of weeks will ensure that you are getting a deep clean, without having the hassle of having to work through weeks worth of built up dirt, as these areas can collect a surprising amount of dust and grease, especially the tops of the higher areas. In these places, the grease from cooking will settle, and remain, undisturbed because of their height, mixing with the dust, making a seriously disgusting and tough to clean gunk. For the oven, fridge and microwave, giving each a wipe down every couple of weeks will prevent a build up of dried or baked on food stains, that can be really tough to get rid of. This is especially true with the oven, where the grease will be cooked in to place, and become hardened, and particularly tough to get rid of! You may have to use a BBQ cleaning tool to crack through the built up dirt in order to get rid of it, as simply scrubbing it with a sponge or cloth won’t be enough.

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