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How to Handle Upholstery Cleaning with Ease
08Jul 2015
How to Handle Upholstery Cleaning with Ease

Home cleaning tasks are immense and it can be easy to forget about the upholstery cleaning. The point to upholstery is that it is just like other areas of the house cleaning it needs to be done or else germs and bacteria can form from various factors including, sweat, hair and dust. Upholstery looks great in a room but it has to be clean. There is nothing worse than soiled upholstery that is stained and grubby, it will instantly make the entire room look dirty. Take time to familiarise yourself with what type of fibers your sofa and upholstered chairs are made from. Then you can work out a plan to for your upholstery cleaning schedule. Here are some useful tips.

Why clean upholstery?
Upholstery cleaning is essential for a healthy room. Just like all areas of your home it is important to keep dirt under control before it can spread germs and infections. Mites can breed in all soft furnishings including the upholstery and carpets etc. If you have children or pets these can add to the problem of more dirt forming. Pets can sweat and leave horrid odours as well as hair so make sure you keep on top of the vacuuming. The only answer is to keep it clean.

Vacuum often
Make sure you regularly vacuum your upholstered furniture. All of your upholstery and sofa cleaning needs to be vacuumed often. Make sure you remove any loose cushions and use the smaller attachments to clean underneath and down the sides of the furniture. Turn the cushions regularly at least every week. This will enable you to keep check on what is lying underneath the cushions and spot any food that may have gone unnoticed. Food and dirt can hide in these dark areas and cause mold and various bacteria to form and then infestation can take hold and cause a massive problem. So for the sake of your and those around you who live in the same house, make sure you have a plan for all over the place and not forgetting the upholstered furniture.

Easy cleaning method for your upholstery
After regularly vacuuming make sure you wipe over the sofa and chairs with a clean damp cloth and a suitable detergent to suit your particular fibers. The shops are stacked with all sorts of multipurpose upholstery cleaning detergents that can freshen up your upholstery and remove stains. Use clean cloth and the minimum of moisture. Some cleaning products come in the form of powders and foam and can be vacuumed clean. Cleaning a couple of times a week will help keep mites and bacteria in order. It will also keep your upholstery looking in good condition. Also the care you give your upholstered furnishing will make it in better condition and last longer so saving you from buying new replacement items. That can cost a fortune.

For more effective results
Though you can opt to call in professionals, it can be costly so a good alternative solution that works to keep bacteria and dirty stains under control is the effective steam cleaner. This apparatus work wonders in the home and office and can clean most areas and furnishings. They come in a wide range of sizes and ranges and do work. They are effective and clean high temperatures. The good benefit to this piece of equipment is that it is also eco friendly as it only uses steam to clean. The main concern is to be careful as the high temperatures can cause burns, so protective clothing is needed when you embark on cleaning with them.

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