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What You Need For End Of Lease Cleaning
13Mar 2015
What You Need For End Of Lease Cleaning

When your tenure in a rented property comes to an end you will have to ensure that the place is clean, tidy and damage-free if you wish to have your security deposit repaid in full. This can make all the difference when you come to rent somewhere new. Prospective landlords will tend to want references from your previous address before letting you move in. Restoring your flat or apartment to a satisfactory condition entails a detailed end of tenancy cleaning. Take time to ensure that you have all the necessary hygiene and sanitation products ready before starting this clearing up process; here are some good ideas as to what you will need;
1.    Make a checklist room by room. Note down the specific chemical products you need for the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and living rooms. Make sure you catalogue the tools, gadgets and cloths that are needed for each specific task.
2.    Be sure you have enough paper towels, sponges and scrubbing brushes. You will also need enough new bulbs to replace any dead ones in every light fitting throughout the property. Don’t forget to stock up on garbage disposal sacks too.
3.    Check that you have sufficient amounts of soap, washing-up liquid and wash-cloths. Specific clear-up tasks will require products such as a decent toilet brush and toilet cleaners such as strong bleach. Whilst in the bathroom, check that the shower curtain is not mouldy; if it is, you might have to purchase a replacement.
4.    Curtains may need to be washed or dry-cleaned. You could need to iron them, so be sure that you have a functional and clean iron and ironing board available. Blinds can be cleaned with dusters or new paint brushes.
5.    Hard floor cleaning will require the use of a mop and bucket, floor polish and/or oil soap for wooden floors. A separate bucket will come in handy when you begin to wipe down cabinets, appliances and other surfaces.
6.    It will be necessary to use a brush or broom and a vacuum cleaner in virtually every room when undertaking the end of lease cleaning operation. Magic erasers will prove invaluable in the patching-up of walls, ceilings and painted doors.
7.    Some other handy maintenance products to have ready include sandpaper, adhesive and rubber gloves. It might also be beneficial to purchase the appropriate spot and stain remover to safely treat any marks on the carpets and rugs. Powdered cleansers will work best in the bathroom and kitchen. Worktops and shelves will come up well with the application of a special surface cleaner.
8.    Two more specialized home upkeep products without which no end of lease cleaning can be completed are cans of foaming oven restoratives and a polish for windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Oven cleaners are powerful chemicals and should only be used in strict adherence to the manufacturer’s safety instructions. As with all chemical products, always read the directions carefully before use; it might be necessary to buy an appropriate breathing mask when de-greasing ovens.
Deep cleaning at the end of a lease can be undertaken at any time of the year. It can simply be a question of adding a few extra clean-up tasks to a regular routine, de-cluttering or reorganization. When dusting and polishing, remember to start at the top and work downwards. If you are cleaning drapery, this is an ideal opportunity to wash your windows too. Try not to overlook things such as skirting boards and light fittings.

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